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We are proud to announce we are preferred partners of Conversocial

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Facebook, Twitter are no longer a private playground for the masses

Its Time to Get Social with your Customers

Brands have been leading the way when it comes social engagement and more end consumers are turning to Social Media as their window to Customer Service. It's time to start consolidating all that chatter and address the real issues behind social - how quickly a brand responds.

Target Content Based on Behaviour

Why send an email if does not appeal to your Audience?

As email marketing continues to clutter our inbox's, isn't it time that brands focused on both the quality of their recipient lists and the creative? By audiencing content based on a users behavior you are more likely to convert to a click, lead or sale.

They have to co-exist (well, for the time being anyway)

Make Social work with your Email Marketing Campaigns

Social may well be king, but we all need to remember that we depend on Email as much as we ever did. Isn't it time you gave Email some slack and made it work with Social? Build effective campaigns by capitalising on their combined strengths

Conversocial helps social customer care teams to deliver a valuable customer experience.

Put customer conversations at the heart of your business.

  • Supervise your operation in real-time

    Deploy across your team with an agile, custom system.

    Spot developing problems at the earliest moment.

    Identify training and resourcing needs across your team.

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  • Empower your team to do the best possible job

    Connect customers with the team that has the answers.

    Deliver better, faster service with tools built for scale.

    Work interruption-free with efficient workflow & logging

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  • Guarantee great social experiences

    Work with service teams for a great customer experience.

    Diffuse social media issues before they hit crisis point.

    Understand social NPS & build a better marketing strategy.

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  • Actionable insight from the social barometer

    Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time feedback

    Go beyond the tip of the iceberg and unearth real insight.

    Identify business problems faster than any other channel.

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